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Natiiv Arts & Media Updates

It’s already been almost three months since I resigned from Edelman and started Natiiv Arts & Media. Word of mouth has been incredible and my clients are really spreading their wings online and off. Here are some client updates.

I Fight Dragons is an NES Rock Band and the first client of Natiiv. The band really took the skills in the first coaching session to heart and have been connecting to fans online using Twitter and their blog. Those connections helped fill Martyrs a couple weeks ago and helped gain the attention of local radio stations and press.

Stereo Sinai went to SXSW Music shortly after our coaching session. After Miriam and Alan got back, they launched a redesign of their site and are preparing for some Spring shows.

Keith & The Complications went into the studio after we met. While they don’t have an album out yet, they are gearing up online in preparation for the release this summer.

I met with Dale Miller, the founder of Visionati an

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