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New boots, new attitude.

I tried on a pair of knee high boots on Monday at Nordstrom Rack. Hot. But do I need them? No. I left them behind and went to Motherhood to look at maternity clothes with my sister. All week, the boots called to me. Today I did something I’m not sure I’ve ever done.

I returned for the boots.

Afterall, they would go nicely with my new SIZE SIXTEEN skirt.

But the new skirt and new boots couldn’t be worn with one of my seven Old Navy t-shirts I rotate through at work. So I went to H&M. Maybe I could find something there. Some background: When I lived in London I still didn’t fit into H&M clothes, too big. In fact, until two weeks ago I was still in Lane Bryant clothes (Lame Giant as my friend Joe calls it.) Two weeks ago, I got my new SIZE SIXTEEN Skirt and realized that I can’t fit into the smallest shirt size there. Wild.

So when I needed a shirt, I decided to try H&M. I fit into H&M clothes now. I can’t beleive it. So then my new outfit inspired me to wear my hair down AND put on make-up. Huh? I’m pretty cute. I think I’ll bottle my new attitude and drink it daily, I like the way it feels.

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