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New Haircut! New Haircut!

It has been two, possibly three, weeks that my hair has been in a ponytail. That means it is time for a haircut. In the recent past that has been orders to my stylist to CHOP it all off. That gives me more time in between haircuts. Last fall, though, a friend let a compliment about my hair slip out. That he liked it pulled back, he thought it looked nice. Since then, the orders have been CHOP–but leave a little length so I can pull it back when he’s around.

So this ponytail chump went to Trilogy on Damen today and cheated on Ernie, but normal stylist. He was out of town and when I want a hair cut, I want it today. I got it cut (but kept the length) and dyed! Michelle, my colorado stylist, turned me onto dye when I was there in May. So I am red again and with a super cute (but ponytailable length) new style.

Jen used no product when she styled and told me she’s always wanted to write a horror film. She has dreadlocks, which I find funny. My last three stylists have had no hairstyle. Sweet (but sometimes rough on my ears) Ernie is gently going bald. Jen had dreads and Michelle, in colorado, had shaved her head when I was there in May. Impossible to say, “Why don’t you do something like yours?” when your stylist has no style to copy. But nice, because they won’t try to make you into a mirror image of them.

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