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New Singelringen for me, means a Singelringen for you.

Linda at Singelringen sent me a new size 3 ring, one that actually fits me! That means I have a size 4 Singelringen to give away. It’s way too big for me and I have big hands for a woman (size 8 ring finger), so it’ll need to go to a guy or go to a woman to wear on a necklace.

Who will get it?

I’m trying to help Linda find a Chicago store to be a vendor for Singelringen. I emailed Hanger 18 and Enjoy, both in Lincoln Square, but haven’t had a response. I realize that my timing was bad, so I’ll try them again soon.

Do you know of a fantastic store in Chicago that would be perfect for Singelringen? Be the first person to make an introduction and I’ll give you the ring. You don’t even have to be a blogger to be the winner.

Why am I so set on helping her find a Chicago location? Because she’s a marketer who has gone, in one year, from not really “getting” blogs to embracing blogs and social media. She’s on Facebook, she’s including bloggers in events and outreach and she’s really nice. In my books, nice goes a long way. I’ll keep trying to find a place, but will reward you for finding a place if you beat me to it.

P.S. Is it possible that this is the Shoshanah I used to know? I mean, how many black, Jewish women are named Shoshanah? Maybe two, but maybe just one. I hope just one, because that would be a blast!

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