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Nightmares and the BBC

Yes, I know, other people’s dreams are boring. That said.

I have had a nightmare every single night this week. Some I can remember days later, others just ruin an otherwise okay night’s sleep. Since they seem to be political, I think they are related to waking up to international news on the BBC in the morning.

One was about being afraid of being in London on the anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. I was in Tokyo last year when it started, which made me nervous. I was too busy having nightmares about the break-in of my apartment to really worry about war. This year, I’m worried about terrorism, apparently.

Today in Wadesworth, or Worthington, whereever I was (near the Young’s Brewery) I misread a sign that said “Caution Pedestrians” and thought it said “Caution Terrorism.” Last night my dream was about being held a political prisoner by a couple of military dictators who had been trained at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. After my release, I was given a ticket to London and I protested, “but I’m american, send me home.” The terrorist desk agents changed my ticket for Washington Dulles and then I remembered that I was, indeed, supposed to come back to London. By then the terrorists had already issued my London ticket to another political prisoner and I had to fly on British Airways to DC and then back to London.

The Military Dictators from Rose Hulman had some very polite agents working the customer service desk, that’s all.

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