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No nerd night.

Diane called and told me that Nerd Night was off. “You’re crazy!” I said from the warm, safe red line, “sure there is snow, but enough to cancel?”

“Seriously Leah,” she responded, “you can go, but there will be no nerd boys to love on.”

I cried a little and when the tears melted off my cheeks, I agreed. “Sniff, sniff. Alright, we’ll go in March.”

Then I hopped off the train at Berwyn to go stock up on the necessaries for a blizzard. You know yogurt, red wine, sleepytime tea and macaroni and cheese. As soon as I stepped into the street I called Diane back. “You are brilliant for canceling Miss Diane. I’m sorry for sounding bitchy earlier. The streets are terrible and clearly no nerd boys will be there.”

So now I’m home with no nerds but myself and my cat. Trust me, Spidey’s a total nerd.

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