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No such thing as global warming.

It’s hard to ignore that something wacky is happening to our climate. Perhaps todays 60 degree weather was an aftermath of the tsunami, but man. This is crazy. New Year’s Eve was pleasant and last week we had real winter weather for the first time. But today–out in a sweatshirt and flip flops.

What happened? Just last sunday, every adult I saw in Lincoln Square was carrying a snowball–looking for a target. Today? Shorts! Sun tan lotion! Bikinis! Okay, not bikinis, but people did have their wool coats hanging in the crook of their arms.

What did I do to enjoy the weather? I went to the gym, got my eyebrows waxed, came home to read and fell asleep on the couch. I think it was the fresh air–I was able to turn off the heater for a couple hours and open the back door. Ah.

But, seriously, what about this weather. It is January and THIS is Chicaog, not Atlanta.

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