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Not quite Tuesday, is it?

This will be a boring post.

Today I had a normal boring Monday. I slept well and in my own bed, instead of on the couch where I did all weekend.

I bought stamps to mail thank you notes to friends who came to my shul, I used the automatic stamp machines. The stamps are of Santa Claus. So now all my nice Jewish cards have Santa Clause stamps.

The leak under my washing machine is getting more intense. Tomorrow I am borrowing a friend’s husband to inspect it. I should probably find a husband of my own, but since I’m now looking for a Jewish man–chances of finding a husband who isn’t afriad of a phillips head screwdriver are slim.

I went to the gym and did 35 minutes on the eliptical. Go me! I also remembered my weigh-in for WW this morning and lost 5 pounds this week, don’t worry, the week before I gained four. So in reality, I lost one pound.

I got the baseboard heating in my bedroom working again. I flipped the breaker on and off and took the case off of the thermostat, blew on the metal thing, replaced it. Something worked and now I can sleep without 5 quilts.

I had a lovely two hour phone marathon with friends who are moving are their way to New Zealand for ten weeks and then off to Prague. I admitted that I’d checked out the admissions requirements at Hebrew Union College for rabbinical school. It is five years of school and not in Chicago, so I changed my mind about being a Rabbi.

I have yet to set up any dates from my personal ad last week. Maybe I’m in a crush rut that I can’t get out of, don’t want to get out of, am incapable of gettng out of, can’t bear the thought of another mind boggling terrible first date or would rather read a book than date. Bad idea Leah, you should really be putting yourself out there now.

Tomorrow is only Tuesday.

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