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nothing exciting to write about.

I have nothing exciting to write about or tell you or share. Yesterday I wandered aimlessly around the west end of London, all I bought was a cup of coffee at the bus stop on my way home. I did see a guy who had just crashed his scooter. I also watched a guy get arrested from the top level of a double decker bus. I would have had a great view from my apartment, but I was on the sidewalk. I think he must have been doing drugs on the bus or something. I have been waiting to get a decision on my return date and it is driving me crazy not knowing exactly when I am going home. Hurry up and wait. I had to fuss with my cell phone at home, because they didn’t put the vacation service on and it turns out I’ve been getting billed and late charges the whole time I’ve been here when my phone service was supposed to be suspended. There is really nothing exciting, so I’m going back to my couch to watch more TV.

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