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Now that is f*cked up.

A blogger, Kathy Sierra of Creating Passionate Users, recieved death threats on her blog . Beyond the normal troll and cyber-bully behavior that all internet users are sadly accustomed to, this woman was threatened. She has canceled public speaking gigs and is no longer posting on her blog. She has her doors shut securily and is afraid to leave her house.

The same threats were also made against Maryam Scoble and her husband. They are also now on a blog hiatus .

I can’t decide if the best way to show support is to also go on a blog hiatus or if it is to continue blogging.

We must remember that violence against women is still very much a reality. We aren’t safe from it, just because we are bloggers and aren’t us bloggers great.

It is a threat that male bloggers seem to be able to shrug off, but one that has had me very concerned from time to time. Not enough to blog anonymously and not enough to stop blogging, but I have certainly paused and considered the safety of blogging.

But if we live in fear, we aren’t helping the world become safer. (And I am not criticizing Sierra, she has every right to be scared right now.) I hope that you will each blog about this and about the need to stop violence against women. Online and offline, it concerns us all.


White Ribbon Campaign: Men stopping violence by men against women.

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