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Obviously, I can only think about candy, ice cream, and esquire.

Today on the list serve of all us esquire folk, somebody sent the link to the article. As the reality hits home, that this is going to print and most of the text I wrote–I have some comments to make.

I’m twenty seven. That’s nearly thirty. At nearly thirty, I can admit, in writing, that I have opinions about sex. Eeek. And I do. In the article, I have an opinion about sex, about oral sex.

Okay, that was easier than I expected.

Every time I think about that sentence in the ad, I think “but my Dad might see it.” or “my high school chemistry teacher might see it” or “a regular at the ice cream parlor might see it” and laugh hysterically.

That was why I entered it, to laugh and to be honest in a personal ad. Which, by all accounts, you are not allowed to be. Also–I publically mention my weight loss, my cat, and joke about “wasting” my degree in chemistry.

For the record, I don’t think working at Sweet Occasions is a waste of my degree.

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