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Oh Nuts! Discount Code

That’s cool. A marketing guy at Oh Nuts wrote me a note and offered me a 10% discount code to offer my readers. I don’t know anything about the company and haven’t ordered from them before, but if you are going to order some nuts this holiday season and want to save 10% through the end of Hanukah on 12/12/2007 (I don’t know how long it is good for, but will let you know when it doesn’t work anymore) order a tray or something from them.

When you check out, use the code HBW1116.

Let me know what you get and if it is yummy. He also offered me a free tray of nuts, sweet, I’ll let you know what I do with it.

(Disclosure: To my knowledge, Edelman doesn’t have any competing clients and this isn’t a client.)

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