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One day, Id like to be like that

This weekend I was in and out of a blogger conference downtown, SOBcon run by Liz Strauss, but today the weather was too good and I couldn’t stay in the conference center another moment. I changed into my walking clothes and hit the lakepath and started to walk home. The path was full today of people running, walking, biking and talking, laughing and loving.

I snapped this photograph of an older couple because I so want to be in a couple like them. I want to be happy like that. Sitting on the lakefront, sharing some food, in chairs that they brought for the occasion. Backs to the water so they could soak up the sun and people watch. It seemed so intimate and routine.

That’s the story I made up as I walked by, but it tugged at my heart. I’d like to have someone in my life. Someone to sit on the lake front with me sharing a snack, people watching and talking.

Come on Universe, let me have a crack at this… I’ll be gentle.

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