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Only one week in?

I can’t believe we are only starting the second week of the new year. It feels like a month must have passed since the New Year’s Eve party I went to and never blogged about. But I checked the calendar and it has really only been one week.

Last night I went to Jen’s 30th birthday, Michael’s 40th birthday, and Lem’s twenty something combined birthday bash at my friend Joe’s loft. There were a ton of people, most of whom I knew. I tried to talk to everyone, but I know I didn’t make the rounds I really wanted to. It was so nice that people didn’t complain about work until the cab ride home–since everyon else are still co-workers.

Joe’s partner Joe tried to recruit me to be a health inspector. He is one and sees in me the skills needed to kick some restaurant ass. It’s a good job to put in the back of my head to use as my 19th career–after ice cream gets old.

I spent a lot of time talking with Chad and Jenn–Chad is jewish and his wife isn’t. But they went through the jewish classes before they got married and had a lot to tell me. Chad asked if I had an accountant yet and promised I’d never have to do my taxes again. Also that I would never pay retail again. All right, we’ll see if those benefits pay out. They also told me that no jewish woman bakes her own challah, everyone just goes to the Jewel.

I had a bad case of foot in mouth when I was talking to my friends Jonathon and his sister Emily. Both are regular customers of mine, as well as friends. I am, though, closer to Jonathon because our cubicles were next to each other. So after talking shop (ice cream shop) for a while, I decided to try and talk about other things. I said to Emily, “Aren’t you married yet? How’s the engagement going?” “Oh, it’s off. It’s been off for about a year.” A YEAR! I see her every week in the summer and never noticed she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring or that her fiance didn’t come in with her. Ugh. I felt like an ass.

My good friend Tin Fawkes (who threw the christmas party that Jason and I went to last month) was there. His big news was that he survived a near fatal car accident with few injuries. He hit some black ice and lost control of his car. He slid across a couple lanes of traffic, time slowed down, and then he woke up in an ambulance. He didn’t know where he was, why he was strapped down, who the people were. He spent a day in the hospital, but was walking last night with no visible injuries. Somebody was watching out for him and I am grateful he survived. He is now re-evaluating his life, how could you not.

And public apologies to the nice Irish boy at the party. I didn’t mean to make you look at every photo in my camera phone and I forgot there were photographs of my Grandma the week before her funeral–with tubes and a little jaundice. Oops. Like I said, Greg has my phone number.

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