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Ouch, my nose.

Ryan introduced me to the idea of Saline to stave off a sinus infection. Since today I spent the day ignoring a sore throat and stuffy nose, I decided to give nasal spray a go.

I have had water up my nose before, even saltwater, but never by my own choice. Usually it is the decision of an angry tide or a botched dive on my part. Not stuffing a plastic bottle up my nose, squeezing, and snorting at the same time. But since I know plenty of people who do this in public, I thought it would be easy.


My sweatshirt is now covered with the saline solution that immediately came out of my nose. And there is a stinging sensation where my nose and throat connect. Right next to the sore throat this was going to magically take care of. Between my now clogged ears from sniffing and squeezing.

And the bottle just sits there mocking me. “Come on, it’s easy. Everyone else can keep it in their noses. You’re a loser.”

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