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People tend to be better than I expect.

An open letter to all the strangers who went to Nordstrom Rack last night and didn’t steal my menorah from the handicap stall in the Women’s bathroom:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What kind of a flake leaves a perfectly good menorah in a bathroom at the Nordstrom Rack? This kind of flake. In my defense, I set it up on the counter to protect it from germs and water. In the end, though, I flaked and walked out without it.

By the time I realized, the store was closed and I was miles away. I called and the phone rang and rang and rang. Nobody answered. I called the Nordstrom 800 number and she tried to find a way for me to leave a voicemail. She couldn’t either.

This morning I got up early, so I could meet my fate before work. Did I really lose the beautiful menorah that my boss gave me the same FUCKING day she gave it to me? Did someone steal it? Wouldn’t the kind of person who would steal a gift box from a bathroom be disappointed when they found a menorah?

So to the people that used the bathroom after me and chose not to steal my menorah. Thank you. To the person who decided to turn in my menorah to the staff. Thank you. To the staff that decided not to open the box or steal my menorah. Thank you. To the cashier that calmly dealt with me this morning. Thank you. To the woman who brought me the menorah from the upstairs office. Thank you.

To my boss who gave this flake the menorah to start with. Thank you.


Leah “I won’t leave menorahs in the bathroom ever again” Jones

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