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Profile hiding.

We didn’t go to the zoo today. Good thing too, because during our late lunch/early dinner it poured and I was grateful that he’d stood ground with going the art gallery route. After a nice late lunch/early dinner, we had a nice stroll among 9 foot headless bodies.

Now I’m home trying to accomplish two things, both much harder than they should be.

The first is find a Pesach dessert recipe that I can actually make. I’ve been asked to bring 12 macaroons. Foolishly thinking that macaroons were just coconut, some sugar and some eggs, I thought I could whip some up. Apparently they involve almonds and are very easy to screw up. Shit. But my friend and colleague Foodmomiac heard my Twittered plea and is helping me find a recipe.

The second is that I’m trying to remove my Jdate profile. I’ve hidden it from searches, but can’t find a way to remove it. I’ve done it before… meh. Perhaps I’m not trying hard enough to find that hidden loophole, but it is driving me batty. Now don’t go crazy… we haven’t said, “let’s pull down our Jdate profiles,” but to be honest, I’m not interested in meeting anyone else right now. I don’t have that professional Jdater DNA in me. They didn’t give it to me when I converted.

A fourth date is right around the corner and involves bitter herbs and meeting friends. Yes, he’s coming for Pesach. Me? I’m excited and scared, but more excited than scared. (Oh and my food thing? Gone. I can eat around him without any sort of anxiety.)

Yes, you were all right. This whole liking someone who likes me in return… it’s so much easier than I expected. I should have tried it years ago. So, yes, you told me so.

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