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Purim Drinking Game

Here is the plan for the Twitter Purim Drinking Game that my co-conspirator, Deb Schultz, and I devised. She suggested we come up with something and then we twittered away to this idea.

1. Change your avatar to something Purimish. Just do an image search and you’ll find plenty of images to choose from. Or go to photoshop and add a mask or a noisemaker to your normal avatar.

2. Get ready to boo and cheer, just like you would at a Megilla reading. But wait, people aren’t going to mention Haman or Mordachai, so what will we cheer and where is the drinking?

We will cheer and boo drinks on Twitter! So turn on your tracking..

Anytime a non-alcoholic beverage is mentioned, we boo. @ the Twitterati that mentioned Tea, Coffeee, Soda, or Water and boo, hiss, shake your noisemaker, anything to show them that their drink choice is bad.

Anytime an alcoholic drink is mentioned, we cheer. @ the Twitterati that mentioned Beer, Wine, Bloody Mary, shots, tequila and cheer, hooray, dance… anything to show them that their drink choice is heroic!

Of course, if anyone happens to mention Haman, you should boo and if anyone happens to mention Mordechai, you should cheer.

(ooh, we need a start time. I’ll be at synagogue tonight, so I plan on doing this tomorrow.)

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