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quiet day off.

So far I have avoided doing laundry today. I have also not finished the dishes, cleaned the toilet, taken the trash out, or gone to the gym. I have gone to the loop for lunch with a former co-worker.

My timing was impeccable. Today my first supervisor (of about five) resigned from the old office. It seemed that I showed up shortly after the email announcement was sent. That I might have had a tip off and was coming to celebrate with her.

Nope. I was just there to pay my COBRA so I can have the option of going to the doctor for another month. After some yummy tacos at La Cocina on Wells, I ran into a couple other co-workers at the German Kriskindlemarket. Then I shopped around for some little chanukah gifts for my roommie and came up empty handed. I managed to buy some red mittens for myself and a few more t-shirts at Old Navy. A couple vague holiday shirts and more long sleeved tees.

I shouldn’t be surprised the next time I look for something sexy in my closet and find only t-shirts. I have fully melted back into high school Leah. Only this time the t-shirts are a little tighter without high school band logos.

Now I’m sitting with Spidey on my lap, considering making my christmas card list, imagining the perfect card to send out, thinking about upcoming holiday parties and if I’ll be dateless, and listening to songs about Che Guevara on the old CD player.

Mainly I think a lot about dementia, cancer, love, and family lately. These things don’t translate into fun posts, so instead I haven’t been writing.

Time for me to not do chores some more.

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