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Rambams tomb and other thoughts.

First of all, what do you folks know about Rambam’s tomb in Tiberias? Specifically, are there any traditions or superstitions connected to visiting and giving tzedakka there? I gave a friend a dollar for tzedakka (charity) to take on his trip to Israel. He recently wrote and said he left it in the box at Rambam’s tomb. So I’m curious, is there anything Jews traditionally pray for there?

I had a wonderful weekend with my family, perhaps too short, but lovely. My nephew is simply amazing. He is super smart, well behaved, has the attention span of a talmudic scholar, and has eyes that light up the room. Don’t believe me? Look at him posing with my dad, AKA G’mpa.

My parents and I invaded my sister and brother-in-law’s house for the weekend. While we only had one meal planned, my mom brought soup and my dad made a run to Krispy Kreme. And we ate plenty of “Pasta Salad.” Also known as Christmas Mix, also to be known as Hanuka Mix, also known as M&Ms, peanuts, and raisins.

My sister did a lot of cooking, yummilicious food, my brother-in-law cooked the roast. I snapped the peas and made some of the worst challah ever in the history of me making challah. If you didn’t know it was challah, it wasn’t too bad. But we all knew how good my challah is, so it went mostly untouched. It was good for sopping gravy, but not much else.

I caught the train back last night and met up with friends at Merry Knishmas. It wasn’t my original plan (that involved me and my bed) but I was up for anything. After enjoying some Jewish music and shmoozing, we headed to the Hollywood Diner for food and found two other tables from the show we’d just left. Today was a short jaunt to see Borat a second time and Chinese for lunch. Lunch stretched into drinking tea for hours which stretched into errands. Now I’ve polished off my leftovers from lunch and am trying to get some chores done.

So chores is what I should be doing instead of writing, I’m off.

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