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Today I had a quiet day at work and a low key night at home. I did my taxes thanks to a little program called Turbo Tax. Yeah, it costs a few dollars to file electronically, but I’m saved the hassle of doing telefile or filing on paper. It actually costs about the same amount as my paltry state return–$37.

I went to the gym tonight and did 30 minutes on the eliptical trainer. Then I realized I was actually there in time for beginning yoga. Awesome. Lucy is a great instructor and I always enjoy her class when I time it right. Plus Rock n Roll is super into yoga, so why not give it another go? It felt so good to get some deep stretches. Anyone who has ever worked out with me knows, “That girl don’t stretch worth shit.” I claim my walk back home counts as my stretching. HA! My personal favorites are the hamstring and hip stretches. Wow.

I had a short long distance call to Colorado. I did my taxes. I looked at kosher recipes on Weight Watchers.

Now I think I’ll go to bed.

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