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Rant: Gym Staffs sense of Humor.

I’m just going to repost what I just posted on the WW bulletin board. I stood up to my gym staff today, as they laughed hysterically over their halloween costumes.

Today I was working out for the first time in a couple weeks. Two instructors race into the staff room and start laughing hysterically. One comes out to look in the mirror and she is wearing a strap on, vinyl wig. I recognize it from many inflatable Sumo Wrestler costume.

In my heart, I know that behind the door, the perfectly built trainers are inflating themselves into “fat women” and I can hear their laughter. I start getting angry. I work out at Women’s Workout World. I consider it a beginners gym, where you go when you can barely walk up a flight of stairs. The women here are obese and trying to get in shape for the first or 12th time in their lives.

When the staff comes out of the room, I am in a little shock. It isn’t the sumo wrestler inflatable outfit, but an inflatable person wearing a T-shirt that says, “Personal Trainer” and the inflatable stomach is hanging out with a belly button detail. I find this WAY more offensive than the sumo wrestler, because at LEAST the sumo wrestler is a celebrated, positive cultural icon.

And the staff, in charge of our shape, thinks it is HYSTERICAL to dress up as fat women for halloween.

I am proud to say that I found the manager and said, “The costume that XXX is wearing is going to offend and deeply hurt the women here. You will probably lose customers.” The manager was surprised, “You think?”

“I know. She has never been obese, she can’t understand. But people will be deeply hurt.”

She appreciated me calmly telling me and said she would mention it to the trainer.

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