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Review of the Green Beer Party

Sorry to be posting in an untimely fashion in regards to my adventure in morning beer drinking… Alas, work has been very busy…

Anyways, the green beer and the party that took place last Saturday:

I arrived at the Kegs N’ Eggs party at about 10:30AM on an empty stomach – which is probably not the brightest thing in the world to do. Then again, drinking green beer at that time in the morning is probably not categorized as being very bright anyways. – By the time I arrived the food had been picked over, but there was still plenty of beer. I chose to arm myself with a bagel in my left hand and a beer in my right.

I must be honest and say that I was in a way dreading this party since it offered the opportunity to see many people from high school – some who I did not particularly like back in the day. However, the party turned out to be great. Probably about 80 people flowed in and out of the condo during the course of the day. The green social lubricate didn’t hurt the situation either. A bagel for lunch and I was officially drinking in the afternoon. By this time the beer started to have some mild effect and I was having a blast catching up with some folks, meeting new ones and just generally having a great Saturday. Beer bongs were done, jello shots were dispersed, stories told and the color green was represented. A good time was had by all. (side note: although I have done many wild things in my life… as shocking as it seems… I still have not done a beer bong)

The only thing that was out of the ordinary about the party was that a very large male in a green top hat decided that he couldn’t “hold it” any longer and decided to pee in the shower. Needless to say he was thirteen sheets to the wind.

After sobering up in the late afternoon I drove up to Wrigleyville for the evenings activites. My brother was in from Purdue and there were some other characters there to share in some late night fun. I needed a nap bad though. Once you stop drinking a hangover will find its way into your body… at this point I officially was hungover. A nice little headache to keep me company. After dinner, a short nap and some TV watching, the night commenced. Guinness, Guinness and Guinness. Too bad I couldn’t get over my morning stint – I felt like crap the whole night. All I needed and craved was a large soft bed. Not bad bar music and a bunch of drunk yuppies… Ugh. After staying out too late – and hitting three bars, I drove home… arriving at 4:30AM. (as a side note I was sober when I drove home, but very tired… I had stopped drinking at the first bar… the headache got the best of me).

In summary, green beer is good for your soul. However, drinking it in the morning can make for a very long day. So, if you have a green beer party to attend in the AM next year make sure to schedule yourself for a very long nap prior to going out for the evening or skip the evening activities entirely.

— evan

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