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Roommate Roulette

It’s happening again. My landlord is sending over the lease for review–am I staying in my apartment or moving? Is my roommate staying or moving?

I intend to stay, he itends to leave. So I’m casting my first, wide net in my roommate search. Fair warning–current roommate has been a great roommate. Although we see very little of each other, it’s been a good run. Only lately has my inability to trash all junk mail nearly put him over the roommate edge.

As a roommate, I’m much better today than I was when I lived with Becca in Durango. I was a total train wreck there–as I had been in all previous apartments, but this was my first post-college roommate situation. I’m not afraid of dishes, not too afraid of trash, not afraid of simple plumbing repairs.

I do have a cat and the dander has been too much for my roommate, even keeping his bedroom cat-free–Spidey dust is everywhere.

It is a two bedroom, pretty spacious. Old furniture, new paint job. In short, I don’t want to move, but I also don’t want to find another roommate. If you are interested, drop me a line, you probably know where to find me.

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