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Save the Date: June 25, 2005

I’m putting this here for people that read my blog, are friends, but I don’t have email info on. I’m specifically thinking of customers from Sweet Occasions–but if you think you should come, email me and I’ll send you the real information.

If I plan a party, then I have to do something about those damn boxes in the middle of my living room.

So, here is the plan,

Date: Saturday, June 25 Time: 6PM to 9PM What: Leah’s Housewarming Wine and Cheese Fling Where: My new home–email me for addy.

Why not a PARTY? I only have one chair. Seriously, one chair and a physio ball. This will be a good place to start your night. You can come, share a glass of wine, have some cheese, and move on to your next engagement. It will be a perfect post-BBQ stop or pre-PARTY stop. Of course, if it lasts past nine…

Transportation: Don’t drive. Please, take the Red Line to Thorndale or the Broadway bus or a Sheridan bus. There is no parking in Edgewater, I promise. Maybe you can park on Broadway–but I warned you, use the CTA.

Once again: I am sloppy at keeping my addy book up-to-date. IES people–if I missed someone you know I meant to invite, please forward at will. Illinois Wesleyan Folks–please help me get this to the usual suspects. Everyone–please feel free to bring your husband, wife, children, date or a Nice (Single) Jewish Man.

Lost? Call me: If you know me, you have it. (Yes that is a man’s voice on the phone, I didn’t bother to change the message from two roommates ago.)

the gift thing: At the request of a couple friends, I did register at Target. It is in Club Wedd: I’m the Bride (Leah JXXXXXXX) the groom’s name is House Warming. While I’ve found Mr. Warming to be an excellent groom candidate, but not quite the nice Jewish boy I’m looking to spend my life with. I also love art, books, and Judaica. But don’t feel obliged to bring a gift…. this is getting awkward.

Good grief, can’t I just write a simple invitation? Please let me know if you plan on coming, so I can buy enough cheese.

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