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Second round in the Akashic Records

A few of my good friends work in the Akashic Records. The records are kind of the library of your soul and can be accessed for information you need. I have friends who check them daily and I will occasionally break down and get a reading. No–it’s not psychic. It is hard to explain as a layperson, but you can have a reader access your records and they transmit the information from your masters, teachers, and loved ones.

I’ve never been in the records as a reader, but have had my friend go into them for me. I imagine that just beyond her peripheral vision are my masters, teachers, and loved ones. I know my Granpa Jones is there–I’ve just always had a feeling that he watches out for me. I’m not sure who else shows up, but they sit there around a movie projector shouting at Ashqi. “Oy, she’s making this so hard on herself. Just tell her to re-watch When Harry Met Sally, will you?” “Hey! Hey! She should be dancing–tell her to dance!” “Yeah and to paint, it is good when she’s painting.” “ANd write.” “And get coffee every day.”

Last night I got Ashqi to access my records for the second time ever. When we started she asked what my questions were, I said, “The usual.” “Can you be more specific?” “Sure… the crush, the job, the religion.”

It was during the information about my crush that they showed When Harry Met Sally and Serendipity to Ashqi. All’s well that ends well, so relax if the path includes dating other people. You’ll end up with the right person. I keep pushing, “Is there romantic potential there?” YES! “Is the block my religion?” No. “His lack of religion?” No. “Fear?” YES! “Mine?” Yes. “His?” Yes. Ah, okay then. What should I do in the mean time?

Dance. Paint. Write. Pray.

That was the advice. Take a ballroom dance course–that in it I will find some confidence that I’m lacking and it will help in the feminization of Leah that has been taking place this summer. Dancing will reconnect me more with my womanhood and help channel some of the energy from work, play, life in general. Specifically to go online and find a place to dance on Lincoln Avenue.

Another bit of advice was to paint more often. That when I paint, I go into an altered state, a meditative state that is very positive for me and that I should do more of that. I had just opened up my cabinet and looked at my paints the other day–I haven’t used them since I made my hebrew crossword puzzle, but am itching to do something more.

To keep up my rituals, because they are very important. That includes morning pages (cough, cough.), getting my cup of coffee and my bagel at Metropolis, going to temple, talking to God. They compared by relationship with God to a love affair and said, “You enjoy it, don’t you?” Absolutely–I do enjoy finding a realtionship with god and seeing the highest every day.

I am reading a book called the Art of Amazement. (Honestly, I think it was one of the quickly written books to jump on the Kabalah publishing bandwagon. But in between the poorly written paragraphs are some diamonds of jewish thinking.) One of the activities is keeping an awareness log–noting five things that you were aware of today, that you didn’t notice yesterday. Lately I’ve been watching the animals during my morning walk, how people move, resting faces, and ankles.

And finally–if the moment presents itself, take it. If the door opens, walk through. Quit trying to plan it, because that is stressful and anxiety causing. But, FOR PETE’S SAKE, the next time you turn around and he’s standing a little too close–just kiss him.

The world won’t stop spinning.

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