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Shabbat Shalom

Today’s Big News

1. Selected the date for my return from Israel, giving myself 3 whole days in Israel on my own. This was after some serious advice getting last night from Ronnie about jet lag, things to do, travel times, and how much shabbat will really affect my travel. Am considering hooking up with the Rabbi that just did Andrew Krucoff’s Bar Mitzvah for shabbat dinner–not that he knows that yet and obviously, not in a “hook up” way.

2. Took another piece of advice from Ronnie and spoke up for myself today.

3. Tonight I will recognize my Grandma’s yarzheit–the first anniversary of her death–and stand to say the Mourner’s Kaddish.

4. Today I went crazy in the board book section of Border’s for Henry. Rayne said he needs books, who better to ask than Aunt Leah?

5. Today I learned of another Leah with a very PornStar name. Leah Love-Handler. That’s her real name, according to the customer service lady I talked to today.

6. I managed to make a connection for a friend today. She’s been trying to figure out a way to get to Argentina, so I sent a mass email and found her someone to stay with. Fantastic! Yet again, proof that I am (according to Tipping Point definitions) a handler.

7. It is 7:40 and I still have to get clothes on for shabbat services. Here I am, writing away. Bad Jew. Bad, bad jew. Get off the computer and go to shul!

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