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Shaking my fist at Fake Healthy

I found the last 20 lbs I gained and those lbs are called Jimmy John’s. If you are WeightWatchers or have ever counted points on WW this will mean something to you.

I’m alloted 33 pts a day (now you know just how big I really am, eek). And since the angels trumpeted the opening of Jimmy John’s, I’ve been going there… um… a lot. I switched from the Turkey Tom to the Beach Club, because I was seduced by the thick slices of wheat bread. The piles of veggie.

The mayo and double portions of cheese and meat.

A beach club is 27 points. The veggie extravaganza club WITHOUT MAYO is still 20 points. Herm. I ate a lot of Beach Clubs over the last few months. Always with chips and sometimes with a regular soda. For lunch. All of my daily points plus some just at lunch. At the 12 pt ice cream bars on Fridays, 3 pt preztels for elevensies, dinner and breakfast on top of that lunch.

Oh, yes, I know where these pounds came from and I shake my fist at you Jimmy John’s and the Beach(ed whale) Club.

The good news? Now that I am aware, the pounds are slipping away and I am getting stronger. I even went to yoga today and ate a HUGE salad tonight. Perhaps as a way to get to the honey dijon dressing, but still delish.

UPDATE: I said this in the WW forum, but not here. My new Jimmy John’s order is, as Chavi says below, a Turkey Tom, sub dijon for mayo and sub pickle for chips. 7 pts extravaganza.

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