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shop and Ryan

Made a Target Run in the morning and got a few requested supplies–so far I still need brownie mix, marshmallows, and body spray. I also have not been able to get my film developed and may have to settle for spending another $47 at Snappy Snaps.

Spent my afternoon at the shop–making small baskets with cookies and gourmet chocolate. Filling mugs and other containers for people who walk by the store and realize “Oh shit! Valentine’s Day is on Saturday!”

Spent my evening at Simply Ray’s with Ryan. Most of it was me trying to get used to the fact that he really is going to get married to his girlfriend. I’ve known since he met her, I don’t know why because he is slow to define a relationship–but I feel like I’ve known. But really knowing is still a little hard, a lot hard. I think because all the other weddings I’ve attended or been in, the couples had been together for ages and I knew them as couples. Ryan and I have been friends as individuals. Partly because I haven’t had boyfriend to bring into the friendships and his girlfriends have not liked me, as a rule.

But we also had zuchinni strips–which are always a mood lifter. For the record I am happy for him, it is just wierd.

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