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Single girl strikes again.

Occasionally I will become very aware of being a single woman. Prime example–the $20 of groceries I bought tonight for the week.

One small block of Muenster Cheese. Five individual serving sized generic fat-free yogurts. Three Gala apples. Six Challah rolls. January 2006 issue of Cosmopolitan featuring the bedside astrologer for the year. Two cans of Chunky Campbell’s soup–a major depature from Itailian Wedding Style which is my staple soup. One roll of toilet paper.

Once when I was shopping with my sister, I really felt it. We were at Target and I bought a big box of 98% fat free Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn, a case of Diet Coke, a Glamour, and a snickers bar.

Oh and probably Kitty Litter. That also clues in fellow shoppers that I’m a single lady.

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