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Skipping temple, making minyon.

Last night I (gasp) skipped services. Not for any small reason, but to celebrate Cathy closing on her new condo. In a week or two her roommate will close on her own condo–making my chain reaction of single woman condo buying expand to TWO!

I decided that the oneg of toasting her new home would be equal to spending a few hours at synogogue. After all, part of shabbat is joy and friendship–this was certainly both. But it was wierd to walk out the door at 7PM and turn left towards the train instead of right towards my temple.

This morning I got up, got my coffee, took a quick shower and headed to morning services. Yeah–morning services at a reform temple can make getting a minyon a little challenging. But we were enough, even if you didn’t count me (not a jew, yet) and the woman I was sitting with (also not a jew, yet)–there were ten adult jews beyond us. Hooray!

In a sense it makes the Saturday morning services much more special–I really feel that I matter on a Saturday. We could not pray without each of the other nine people there, so it is important that each of us go. And with our Rabbi at camp and our Cantor on the verge of popping out her second child–it matters even more that congregants go to morning services.

So it is 12:30 and I’m home from services and ready to start my day. Not one to keep a full shabbat, not yet anyway, I have a to do list a mile long. Laundry, pedicure, a bike ride, help Ashqi with furniture, and buy paint with Cathy.

Shabbat Shalom.

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