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Small sentence, big compliment

Tonight was my final class through the URJ. The end of Intro to Judaism or as I’ve been more likely to refer to it–my Jew class. Everyone was passing in evaluations tonight and saying thank you and good bye to the Rabbis. Rabbi Zedek misheard or misunderstood something that Rabbi Aaron said to me, which was just, “Talk to you soon.” She clarified saying, “This is where she comes, I’ll see her around.”

“I thought,” Rabbi Zedek said, “you were going to talk to her about teaching. I think she’d be a very good teacher in the future.”

Wow. That felt great. In one small sentence, my rabbi validated my religious thought process, my wrestling with God. Then Rabbi Zedek stepped away and I told Rabbi Aaron they’d have to “get me jewish” first. She laughed and agreed, the details.

One of my classmates converted yesterday and told some of us about the story. About the mikvah and the beit din, what it was like, what it felt like. In a way–remember when friends started having sex in college. “What was it like? Did it hurt? How long did it last?” We sounded like curious teenagers–only this was about converting to Judaism and not losing virginity.

So that is it. 17 weeks of class and now what? Hebrew lessons, I think for me, and high holidays. After that? the beit din, mikvah, finally becoming a member of my temple.

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