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So nice, so nice.

Just a brief note to say that I’m having a wonderful weekend. I got on the road at 6:01PM last night and worked my way through downtown traffic, onto 90/94 then to I-55 without problems. I pulled up at my sister’s house 3.5

hours later.

This morning my nephew and I watched Cars while everyone else in the house did errands and prepared for graduation. Then we were off for the College of Law graduation at the U of I, where I realized exactly what a tremendous thing my sister did.

We spent the evening on her deck with family. One of the first times in years that we have all been in a room together without a bride or a casket. It was lovely. The weather was perfect. Rayne looked stunning in the JD robe and hood–and her new haircut and fabulous dress. The food was great, the company greater, all in all a perfect day.

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