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Some moments

A flock of seagulls land around a couple sitting on the beach up by me, the big walking path/granite stones south of Foster Beach. The seagulls are landing to eat super hot Cheetos. I approach carefully and the seagulls do not freak out and take off, but inch away from me.

Two ice cream guys–the ones on bikes with the Monarca freezers on the front–race by me, cycling as fast as they can, as the sun is setting.

From our booth in Giordano’s, you could see out the skylight and watch the afternoon storm come and go this afternoon.

Instead of giving me a hug, a friend bit my shoulder tonight in greeting.

The lids at metropolis this morning were the really nice ones. No leaks. I was so happy that I emailed the owners and begged them to keep the lids.

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