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Some notes on the weekend.

1. For my first Shabbat as a Jew, my friend Jo from Shocker Kahn joined me for services. She reportedly enjoyed the service and I think felt welcomed by our little corner of the reform movement. It was really great to have a new friend with me on Friday night. Thanks Jo!

2. I got a wonderful email (and review) from Shoshana over at the Naked Eye. She stumbled upon my blog and has decided that I am her inner-grownup. Our lives have eery parallels including London, Judaism, South America, writing, comedy and the same blog layout and color scheme.

3. This morning I got to touch base with more friends that I haven’t seen since the big dip. Other Jews By Choice who went to the same mikvah and some who went to others. It is an amazing “club” or subset of Judaism. Friends who are born Jews think conversion is rare and maybe it is, but our congregation has so many active JBCs, that I never think of it as rare. Perhaps as I get further down into this Jewish life of mine, I’ll come to realize how rare we are and how lucky I am to be somewhere that welcomes JBCs into the community without asking.

4. Thursday night I got to have dinner with my ol’ roommate Jon. He was living with me when I bought my first book and announced that I was converting. I am now the only convert he knows–just wait until he comes to my Jew Debut on the 2nd.

5. I went back to the gym today, thank goodness. I did some serious time on the Eliptical and some weights. I hope to combat the Snickers bar I had for lunch and the Israeli bounty I’m going to have for dinner tonight.

6. Going to the gym is having a post-workout effect on my brain and I can’t think of what number six was going to be.

7. I want to see Sarah Silverman’s Jesus is Magic, anyone wanna go?

8. I also want….

9. I can’t remember what I also want. I think I’ll take a shower.

10. If you want to come to my Jew Debut on Dec 2, email me and I’ll give you the details. Already more friends than I ever expected are joining me. I guess after listening to me yak about jewish stuff for a year, they want to see the pay-off and see me (not stumble or trip or do ANYTHING embarassing) carry the Torah.

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