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Some thoughts about 5768

1. From Ms. Guth I learned that when I’m looking at my blackberry she can determine my focus based on my eyebrows. If my eyebrows are up, then I’m listening to my surroundings; if they are down, I’m focused on the email 100% and not paying attention to anything.

2. I love having a house full of guests to celebrate a holiday. I had friends over on Wednesday night after services and again on Thursday afternoon. A lot of challah and a lot of honey; a sweet year is all we can have.

3. 24 hours without protein (just eating challah and honey) makes me very short-tempered. Thank God for chopped liver. When I got to dinner, I beelined to the chopped liver and had a protein infusion. Short temper fixed.

4. I did tashlicht twice. That is going to the water’s edge and casting sins away in the guise of breadcrumbs. I did it with my congregation and again with the JRC. I really enjoy tashlicht, the meaning and the quiet community of it. I loved the singing with the JRC in Evanston, it reminded me of being at the Kotel for Kabbalat shabbat. Except the mixed genders, etc.

5. My former roommate came to services at my reform shul yesterday. It meant a lot to me, because he prefers a more traditional shul experience and this was, um, very different for him. He’s probably one of my best “craigslist” finds ever. Certainly the best roommate I ever had or could ever hope to have. Now if he could just stop breaking my wine glasses.

6. The world is very small. At the dinner I went to last night, there was a familiar looking woman. Eventually we placed each other. She introduced my best friend to his wife. We both attended the same, teeny, tiny wedding three years ago. She and I even drove into town together to look for an internet connection. Small world, eh?

7. One of my favorite random blogs is planning a party in Vegas the same weekend I’m going. Now if I can only find a way to get my other favorite blogger to be in Vegas with me that weekend. You know who you are.

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