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Somewhere in my building

Somewhere in my building, someone needs to put a new battery in their smoke detector. The beeping is driving me up the wall. Somewhere in my parking lot is a cat that keeps crying, but won’t come out from under the car where it is hiding. The mewing is also driving me up the wall. The mewing is also driving my cat into the window to investigate and beeping is making me sleep with the radio on. Fine–I go to sleep with Dr. Drew. Bummer–I wake up with Howard Stern.

Somewhere in my sink are dishes that I can’t seem to wash. Not the same dishes I complained about last week. Well, yes, technically the same dishes. But they are newly dirty and I don’t want to deal with them. What I want is to take an Alleve and go to bed with Zorro. I’m reading Isabelle Allende’s version of Zorro–delicious.

Somewhere in a suburb tonight, I sat shiva for the first time. I wound up going early to help with dinner and then trying to shuffle desserts, coffee, napkins, and trash around the condo. It was a packed house and the only thing different from Grandma’s post-funeral last year was the hebrew. There were some official prayers, my rabbi came out to do the prayers and lead the kaddish, but otherwise it could have been my parents house. Coffee, chicken, desserts. People everywhere laughing and telling stories.

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