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Spend, spend, spend…

In reality, I didn’t spend as much money as I feel like I did. I bought books for my family for Christmas, this thing to cover the gap under my door, those kits to seal up the windows to prevent heat loss, a panini at Beans and Bagels, a fancy new toothbrush, more coffee, wrapping paper, and (why god, why?) a DIY bikini wax kit.

What posessed me to buy the final item? Suddenly I think, in the dead of winter, somebody cares what my bikini line looks like? I decided it is time for my annual burn and rip? Hell if I know, I think I just got overwhelmed by the fact that Chicago was celebrating International Cute Guy Shopping Alone day today.

Everywhere we went, cute boys. The nice boy from Iowa that we rearended–CUTE. The nice guy in the bath and body section at Whole Foods who cleaned up the spilt shampoo–CUTE. That guy who was picking out tomatos next to me at Stanley’s Market–CUTE. At ACE hardware, at the Ruff House, at Beans and Bagels, on the sidewalk, at Home Depot.

Internation Cute Guy Shopping Alone Day. I hearby claim it to be and hope that some of those men are at the party I’m heading to tonight. Speaking of, I really need to get in the shower if I’m going to get there before, say, midnight.

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