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Stats gone wild!

I don’t know if it is folks reading multiple pages in a sitting or RSS feeds going berserk, but my December stats are pretty out of this world. There was one day, early in December, when I had 2500 hits in one day. I learned ages ago that on blog-city, one person can rack 40-50 hits in an hour by jumping around the page. But 500? I don’t know. When I asked the Mayoress of Blog City, she said that the stats were working correctly and to give myself credit.

Well, December is now well over 10,000 hits and will likely reach 11,000 before the new year. I hope it is really new readers (Like you, Rabbi Telushkin. Who is considering dropping me an email to introduce me to your kind editor?) and people that plan on sticking around. Maybe even commenting?

I’ve found lately that I’m getting a lot more folks through random Google searches. No, not that I’m finding random people, that people are finding me. Today there was someone searching for “Grandma’s Eulogy” and someone else for “Hebrew names that start with M.” Just so happens that I posted my Grandma’s eulogy here last year and was searching for a Hebrew name that started with M for myself just before my conversion. (I chose Meira, Leah Meira.)

A couple folks have followed my comments on Jewlicious, JewSchool, and Gapersblock. And others reliably come from friends like Jo at (now defunct) Shocker Kahn, Mike at Hello Ninja, Jake at Angry American, my sister at Rayne of Terror, a family friend at Water Weaving, Diane at Sparktacular, and a TON from a new link from Mental Blog.

You know what I’m saying. 1. Thanks for reading and 2. Come on, leave me a comment, tell me who you are. and 3. Pretty please.

I’m going to bed now, get my cat out of the kitchen cabinet and pack up my computer to take to work tomorrow. No, it isn’t that I have nothing to do, but I have a synagogue website that I’ve been working on since BEFORE Rosh Hashanah and it is almost the secular new year and I haven’t finished it yet. So I am meeting with a friend after work to make latkes, light a menorah, and finish a website.

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