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Steps to reproduce the bug (if known)

1. Accept invitation from trusted source to Quechup 2. Foolishly pop in your email address to see who from your address book is using Quechup. 3. Read said blogger’s Mea Culpa about Quechup and then race back to delete your account. 4. While on the train coming home 48 hours later, watch in horror as your blackberry begins to fill with out of office notices. 5. Realize in a panic that you Quechup spammed your whole gmail address book. 6. Race into condo, turn on MacBook and write a Mea Culpa of your own. 7. Realize you have too damn many addresses for one BCC message. Split into two groups of 425. 8. Hit send, hit send again. 9. Try to answer an email… Hmmmm… I can’t send. 10. Watch out of office emails and postmaster notices roll in. 11. Try to send again. 12. Try again. 13. Finally get a notice that you’ve over emailed. 14. Turn on Vacation Responder to tell people you aren’t allowed to email for 24 hours. 15. Wait for nearly 24 hours for account to be restored. Spend the 24 hours on facebook and flickr, finding alternate ways to communicate. 16. Use the contact form to beg google to restore your email. Hope they realize you are a shmuck and not a spammer.

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