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Ten things going on in my life.

1. Tomorrow I am making my triumphant return to Women’s Workout World. Why? I’ve been paying $14/month for two years, maybe I should go. Plus, I’ve plateaued and have been bouncing around the same f-ing pounds for at least two months. If things go well, I will finally dip below 225 next week.

2. Tonight I am making my triumphant return to the stage of stand up comedy. Why? Ron emailed and convinced me to go to the Lyon’s Den tonight. Do I have any material? um, no. What am I going to do? dunno.

3. I am frequently checking for emails in my esquire account, so far, nothing. But, the issue hits the stands on May 18… Brutally Honest Personal Ads…

4. I am trying to get people to come into Sweet Occasions and More in Rogers Park. Please, please, come into the store and buy things. Sample our coffee, order a sandwhich, buy a basket.

5. I am trying to be a good mentor to Jessica. Today I sent East Village Youth Program four books from Amazon. East Village is where I volunteer, unfortunately, my new schedule is making being a good mentor difficult.

6. I am getting into the groove of my new work life. I am very happy to be at Sweet Occasions full time, but it is one helluva adjustment. 50 hours a week on my feet, ouch.

7. I continue to write with Kim Clark on a weekly basis. I have been studying with Kim for a year and am trying to keep up with the assignments, as well as my screenplay–working title: Meeting Adam.




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