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Texas Tippers

Let me elaborate on the idea of Texas Tippers.

I learned the phrase when I was waiting tables at Olde Tymers in Durango, Colorado. Olde Tymers was a burger joint. A great burger joint. With amazing Potato Skins and the best jalepeno tartar sauce in the world. Possibly the only.

Being the Burger Joint on Main Ave in a Tourist Town, we attracted tourists. Durango is considered to be Texas’ backyard by many thousands and thousands of Texans (and some from Oklahoma.) Tourists from Texas were notorious for leaving well under 20%.

These Texans made a bad name for the whole state in our pockets. Then it spreads, as stereotypes to. From the Texan tourists tipping poorly to all bad tippers. Even in Chicago, a bad tipper (to me only) is a Texas Tipper.

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