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Thank you John, I now have run a mental marathon.

I arrived at Gingerman Tavern shortly before two o’clock this afternoon for the express purpose of competing in a Trivial Pursuit tourney. Why? because all of the games being used, saved one, were from my personal TP collection.

I scored two pies in the first game and three in the second, bringing me to a total of 5 in the first round. Each game was 24 minutes long. Then the top six players–three with 7 pies and 3 with 5 pies went on to play a full regulation game in the finals.

For the final game, we played using Genus 6. This versions seems to have been released YESTERDAY. With questions covering Temptation Island and Martha Stewart’s trial. Also, in this game, Asia is the new Europe and Lakes are the new Rivers. It was the most exhausting, painful, long game of TP I have ever played.

The guy next to me came in the top seed with 7 or 9 pies. In a four hour game he did not earn one pie piece. I got to five pieces and led for about 1 1/2 hours. Led for ONE AND ONE HALF HOURS.

The last pie I was trying to get was People and Places. My last question was what US State hosts an annual Worm Convention (this is after missing the name of Kid N Play’s feature movie (House Party) and the 1997 playstation game about teaching a dog to rap and dance(Parappa the Rapping Dog)) and I went with Florida. Lots of worms in Florida. Lots of fishermen. But no, the convention is in Maryland. Obviously. Grrrr.

Then the guy two seats away from me snuck into the lead and won, after realizing we were playing for $100, with a question about President Garfield.

I am now home, over eight hours after leaving my apartment for a quick game of Trivial Pursuit. Mentally exhausted, but now I remember why I used to hang out with Improv people–they are fun AND very smart.

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