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The Bruise is Back in town.

Yesterday it reached 61 degrees in Chicago and my ice cream shop was packed from 11AM until close. I was scooping like a mad-woman. Kids cone, junior, kids, single, sundae, kids, kids, shake, malt.

Then it happened. I felt it and looked at my forearm. The bruise I have on my arm from May until September is already back. There is a spot, four inches from my elbow, that I use to get extra leverage when I’m scooping hard ice creams. Yesterday I popped it good scooping some Zanzibar Chocolate and today it is there in full force.

Soon the other summer injuries will start. Bruises on my hips from carrying patio furniture, bruises from carrying two 30 lb tubs of ice cream at a time, the inability to squeeze out shampoo after a hard night of scooping.

Ah, the life of the Ice Cream Lady.

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