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The Fourth and stuff.

Happy Fourth of July, nearly. To answer your question, “no, they don’t celebrate the fourth of july (or thanksgiving) in England.” The expats do, but not the general public. Whew. I know, you were wondering but were afraid to ask. The British use Guy Fawkes day at as an excuse for fireworks.

I’m at the shop today, but tomorrow and heading OUT OF THE CITY!!!! To a suburb. Hooray!!! I don’t typically say good things about the suburbs, but I love where I’m going. Friends of my sister and bro-in-law who host a wonderful fourth of July party. A few people I know, but everyone is super friendly. We play that bean bag tossing game for adults and eat bbq and watch fireworks that all the neighbors buy. Truckloads of amatuer fireworks.

I am taking an entire RED VELVET CAKE, yum. I have never bought an entire cake from the store and am excited to take this yummy four layer southern cake.

In other news, email the Friendster Boy is leading the poll by one vote. Is this just two people voting every day? I’m about at the end of my statute of limitations for writing, so I think I might just do it.

Right now.

After I put away my laundry.

And do the dishes.

Feed the cat.

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