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The Money Pit AKA Why did I buy this condo?

I have a $400 Special Assessment payable over the next three months and now there is water seeping up into my hallway. Up. That means the leak is under me, but I’m on the ground floor so there is no getting under me to fix it. I will have to rip up my floor to get to the pipe to fix it.

Today was the first day I glanced at rentals and thought–wow, for the money I’m spending on my mortgage, I could be renting a really nice one bedroom right now. And I could just call my landlord and he’d have to fix the water seeping into my hallway. Nope, not the case. I’m the landlord, I have to fix it.

So I’m feeling a little buyers remorse this winter. Things are tight. Not bad tight, but a little snug. The special assessment I can string out over three months and make it easier, but $400 in the middle of the holidays–thumbs down. And who knows that this plumbing will cost to fix, even though it might not be my responsibility to fix. THe pipe I think belongs to the association, but the floor belongs to me.

Oh and totally unrelated–I gained some serious poundage this week. But it was Thanksgiving, a couple celebratory meals, and 95% gym free.

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