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The new personal ad.

Craigslist, Friendster, Neighborhoodies.

If I ever place a matches ad in the Reader, those are going to be the first three words. Although Friendster is maybe losing its edge (or gaining, I can’t be sure) Craigslist and Neighborhoodies says a lot. These are the three sites that take most of my internet time, other than this blog, and if someone also knows of/uses them–that is at least a point in their column.

Now, if I go to their house and see they use Yahoo or MSN to search the net, instead of Google. Thumbs down.

I’m certain there are things I do on the computer that make people cringe, but those are my things.

I kind of think in a few days, I can explain that idea more eloquently. There is this “cool kid” club I feel like a member of cause of my hoodie and knowing how to use friendster and having used craigslist for a few different things. But then again, I end up feeling like a fraud–like maybe I’m too cool or not cool enough to use Friendster, Neighborhoodies, and Craigslist.

But then again, maybe at 27 the internet isn’t supposed to make me feel cool.

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