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The next success story?

I have had some battles with my gym. Mainly over lack of consideration for the feelings of fat people. Remember the inflatable fat suits the trainers wore for Halloween?

Twice in the last week, the manager has come by while I’m working out to tell me how good I look. Today she told me that since Halloween (when I came to her attention by complaining about the fat suits) I look better every day.

I really appreciate this because the scale hasn’t budged below 225 in a year. Argh. It did budge up ten pounds when my grandma died and christmas came around. But I’ve lost those holiday pounds in the last month. Now it is about losing again and getting below 200, wouldn’t that be nice?

When I was in the locker room, I realized I was looking at Jay’s mom. Jay is the guy I thought I was dating this fall, but it turned out we were just friends. Now he is a good friend of mine. In passing once, he mentioned his mom worked at my gym. Today I introduced myself to her. He’ll probably kill me when he finds out I also told her how we met (personal ad.) My feeling on that is I’M THE ONE WHO HAD TO PLACE THE AD. I don’t mind if people know I date men from the internet. Guys seem to mind, considering Rock N Roll also asked me to tell people a mutual friend introduced us. Oh well. I’ll let his mom tell him I told her.

His mom walked me from the locker room to the front desk. At the front desk she asked if I knew Jen, the manager. I said I did and Jen said, “Yes. In fact, she’s our next success story.”

WHAT? I’m the next success story for my gym? There is this bulletin board by the scale and every month or so there is a new success story of the month and I’m going to be the next one? Me? ME? I’m on a super big high right now. It is good timing, since my body confidence isn’t at its highest. I swear, there were times before WW that I felt better about my body. Perhaps because I was unaware of my need to lose.

There you have it. A huge, major, NSV.

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