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The Next @Titterati Fundraiser

Time is slipping away and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day is quickly approaching. As you know, I’m on a team of three – Team Titterati. We’ve been trying to come up with great fundraisers along the way, but with all of our travel schedules it has been hard. Lucky for me, my friend Sara Tyler of Charity’s Candles and Crafts donated $140 from her sales to our cause this week. We’re also looking forward to a guest-pizza making night at the local Domino’s Pizza with @DPZRamon.

And now? The Great Gapingvoid Titterati Fundraiser!

Between the time that this post is published on July 22, 2009, and high noon (Central) on August 6, 2009, every $5 you donate to Team Titterati gets you entered into a drawing for a set of THREE original Gapingvoid business cards. How do I know they are original? Hugh drew them in front of me while we were sipping wine (merlot for me, rose for him) two summers ago.

Donate $5, get one entry. Donate $25, get five entries. Donate $100, get 20 entries.

It is that simple. Make your donations here. And on August 6, I’ll print out all your names and the number of entries you get and draw a name. Perhaps even live on Ustream – we can make an event of it, eh?

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