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The scale refuses to budge…

The scale has not budged since I’ve been home. Not overall anyway. I’ve barely dipped below 40 lbs lost. I have been bouncing around for months now. However, there is good news.

Today I bought jeans at Lane Bryant in a size 16. Woo Hoo!! The 18s my sister sent me in London finally ripped out in the butt, forcing me to buy a new pair. I went with the bootcut, which has a higher waist than the flare jeans. I like the way the legs look on the flare better, but I like the way my waist isn’t forced out and over the top of the bootcut.

And as a result of buying jeans that fit, I’ve found my ass again. In the baggy pants of 18-world, my ass was no where to be seen, but now it is back and fills the size 16 jeans nicely.

Another non-scale victory was that I technically fit (zipped and buttoned) into a size 14. It wasn’t pretty and I wouldn’t subject the general public, but I FIT INTO A SIZE FOURTEEN.

For now, I’ll be happy in my 16s.

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